State Children’s Health Insurance Program – Knowing About SCHIP and Applying Correctly

Following the 2005 U.S. Census figures, 8.3 million children in the US do not have health insurance. What this implies is that more than eleven percent of children in the United States get limited access to quality health care like immunizations, prescriptions and regular health check ups. This situation is even worse for children with poor backgrounds. About twenty percent of poor children do not get coverage; this was made clear in the 2005 Census data.The SCHIP system is now available to help out in situations like this. So, what is SCHIP and what are the benefits associated with participating in it? SCHIP stands for ‘State Children’s Health Insurance Program’. This program is run by Medicaid with the main responsibility of providing medical insurance for poor children under the age of 18.The benefits you get in the SCHIP are dependent in your residence state. Different states have different qualification requirements for participating in the SCHIP. Here are some of the cover services in the SCHIP: Immunization, Prescription medication, Dental Care, Vision Care, Regular physician visits and emergency care etc.Things to note about SCHIP:Children whose parents are under $34, 100 per year can get their medical insurance service using the SCHIP. Immigration status is not really an important information for parents filing for this program. SCHIP has been functioning for about twelve years now and it is sure doing a great job. This program wont affect parents work status since it is not a welfare program.There are many useful tips and professional counseling service available on health insurance needs for children. You can get these details easily and quickly too; simply request for one.Where To Get Quality Information on SCHIP and Compare Children’s Medical Insurance Quotes Online?